A glimpse of Paddington…and Kimye too

** Click on pics for higher resolution versions

I often think about how fortunate I am to live in such a great neighborhood at this stage of my life. When looked at in totality, Sydney is an amazing place to live, by both objective and subjective measures (Top 10 Cities Highest Quality of Life). From its year round good weather and stunning beaches to low crime rates, booming economy and growing housing market, it’s a place that really makes people feel happy on a consistent basis. One particular attraction to the city is the quantity of livable neighborhoods, each with their own unique spin, but the majority with long lists of desirable qualities that can make your final decision a bit tough. I won’t go into too much detail on this topic, as you’ll able to see firsthand in a couple months when my roommates and I face this very dilemma on House Hunters International (I’ll preemptively answer the looming question: no confirmed air date yet). But I do want to share a bit about the neighborhood we picked and where I currently live: Paddington.

Beautiful homes

No need for too many words as the pictures do all the justice here. But I did want to call out the similarity to another great neighborhood: Lower Pacific Heights in San Francisco. Which you might better know as the “Full House” neighborhood. Victorian style townhouses.

Full House Painted Ladies

Paddington Homes

White Houses

Slanted Road

Glenmore Rd

Mossy House


Glenmore Rd 2

Local park

Great place for reading a book, walking your dog, our house favorite of throwing a football, or just soaking in the sun.


Park House


Paddington shopping is well known for it’s boutique shops featuring stylish clothes and eclectic art or collectibles. And I have a story to tell to explain. I took these pictures a couple weeks ago on a nice Sunday afternoon. I just happened to stop in front of a store a few blocks from our house to take a photo of some of the shops. Just two days ago, I was coming back from Bondi Beach and see hundreds of people with camera’s standing huddled around the same spot. Wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. I later come to find out Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were interested in Paddington’s finest.

Shopping St

Thomas Dux

Local Bar

Our favorite spot for a Pure Blonde or One Fifty Lashes…don’t worry these are names of local beers. Although we do run into a few non pure blondes every now and again…

The Royal


Nice view of the city Skyline.



Palm Tree

Rushcutters Bay

Beautiful bay with a yacht club and marina just a 10 minute walk from our house. A great place to grab a coffee or go for a run.


Rushcutters 2


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