My first traditional Kazakh meal: Plov

Today was a gorgeous day so I decided to take a walk through the city and find a great place to eat.  I ended up discovering a great Central Asian restaurant called Zhety Kazyna.  Not having eaten my first traditional Kazak meal yet, I thought today would be the day.   The restaurant is exotically decorated and Central Asian themed with treasures from the ancient Silk Road adorning the walls.

Zhety Kazyna Entrance

Zhety Kazyna Inside

I sat in the nice outdoor patio since it was such a nice day and was greeted immediately by one of the waiters.  After bringing my menu, he came back with a blue robe to wear during my meal, making me feel like a local in the foreign city.  I could already tell this was going to be a great meal.

Aviary Photo_130122381441814184

My meal included:

  • Green tea with lemon
  • Baursaki, doughnut-like pastries
  • Plov (Pilaf), boiled rice with lamb and horse meat.  Think Chinese style fried rice with big chunks of meat on top.

Baursaki Green Tea


The meal was perfect: great food, cool ambience, fantastic service…all for a reasonable price.  This won’t be last meal at Zhety Kazyna.


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