Late Night Foods of the World

One thing I’ve enjoyed while traveling to different countries is trying different food. You can get a feel for each city or country by the types of food they enjoy because they give a unique sense of the culture and identity of that place. One meal I have become especially fond of trying new things in each country is 4th meal…or more commonly known as drunk food, munchies, street feed, or to some…dinner 🙂 These are all dishes I’ve tried traveling, and I hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed the food!

Munich – Doner Kebab
The doner kebab is a traditional turkish dish that has spread throughout most of Europe. It is especially popular in Munich because of the large Turkish presence in Germany. Doner Kebab literally means “rotating roast” and it generally lamb meat. It is served on a warm bun and stuffed with lettuce, carrots, cabbage, onions, tomatoes

Prague – Goulash
The Czech are well known for their goulash and it makes for a great 4th meal. I’m sure you’ve all had some form of goulash before so you know the contents. But the Czech to have the best around…and I’m not going to argue with that.

Paris – Crepes
Crepes are a delectable dish, popular throughout all of France. They are an extremely versatile as they can be eaten for any meal from late night to desert. Some go for the savory style with the ham and cheese crepe while others enjoy the more sweet bananas and chocolat crepe. They are equally amazing in their own right, but my ham and cheese crepe on the streets of Paris at 4am was just short of perfect!

Amsterdam – Pommes Frites (French fries) with mayo
The dutch sure love their French fries. Pommes frites in Amsterdam are served in an ice cream cone looking basket and topped with a creamy yellowish mayonnaise. Might be alarming to most at first but it sure is hard to put down once you start eating…especially when you wash it down with an ice cold Heineken.

Barcelona – Fried Calamari Sandwich
“Wait, what? Calamari…on a sandwich?” I know, I know. I had the same reaction when my friend Seth told me about this unique sandwich. It may not look or sound appetizing, but I can assure you it tastes wonderful. If you get a chance to travel to Spain, give it a try. The seafood in Barcelona is wonderful and you won’t find many places in the world that serve up this dish.

Istanbul – Waffles
The video pretty much sums about how I feel about this gem.Italy – Pizza
Ahhhh, Pizza. I met up with my all time favorite food in the world at its birth place of Italy. And it did not disappoint. Different cities in Italy have different styles, but all are similar to thin crust pizza in the US….but taste MUCH better. The best pizza I had was in a small Tuscan town called Volterra. Just look at the picture and try to tell me you aren’t hungry? Ya, didn’t think so.


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