Party at the Wies’n

It’s hard to put Oktoberfest into words because it really is something you need to experience to undertand the full magnitude. Besides just being the biggest beer festival in the world, it has a ton of tradition dating back 200 years. Everyone pays respect to the old traditions by wearing lederhosen and drindls and other Bavarian outfits. Oktoberfest also brings in people from all over the world. Because of the atmosphere, you get a chance to talk and drink beer with people you never thought you would meet otherwise. I loved every minute of the fest, but I was defintitely glad when it was over…at leaset my body was 🙂

Before I get into the pictures I wanted to share some fun facts about the Oktoberfest:

  • There were 6.4 million visitors this year.
  • 7 million liters of beer were drank over the 16 days.
  • This year was a record for beer consumed, but not for people…I guess everyone was thirsty.
  • This year marked the 200th anniversary of the Oktoberfest. The first one was in 1810 and was a celebration of newly married Prince Ludwig and her wife.
  • The locals call Oktoberfest “Wies’n”, which means an open field. The tents are located at a massive area called Thersienwiesn, hence the name.
  • Beer is drank from 1L mugs called maB (pronounced mahss) which is about 2.67 American beers. This year they cost 8.7 euro.
  • Not sure how accurate this is, but met a family member of one of the tent’s owners and said they make close to 1 million in profit per tent. Not too shabby.
  • Over the two weeks, I attended the wies’n 7 times, drank 32 maB (approx…gets a little hazy after a few), and made it to 7 different tents.
  • I had visitors for 13 of 16 days of Oktoberfest. At one point, there were 7 people in my 500 sqft apt. My place became know as “Adam Hostel”.
  • I met people from over 20 countries, including Egypt, UAE, Austrailia, Philippines, Finland, Sweeden, India, Italy, Austria….

Ok now on to the fun part…the pictures! They are in chronological order of when I went to the fest. The first 5 were a documentation of all the beers I had on the first day 🙂 Hope you enjoy.

Last one (can’t you tell by the grin on my face)!

Met a cool group of Germans and their friend from NY (on the right). They loved my lederhosen and Bavarian attire and were shocked that I wasnt actually German. I guess I picked out the right stuff.

Good shot of the whole tent on first day at Augustiner. This was at 9 am when the tents first opened and it was already packed. We had to wait another 3.5 hours until the first beer was even served. Well worth the wait though.

Next two pics are from second day of opening weekend. Was going to take over a table from one of my managers and his family(left in second picture), but he was having a such a great time that he stayed with us until tents closed down.

Great smile from Massimo.
For this first week, friends and MSFT coworkers visited from Seattle, Martin and Timu. We had a great week and also phenomenal weather. Best part of this week was a tossup between one tent closing down to Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”, or Martin endlessly looking for German Chinese food at 12am, as he claimed “Germany has the best Chinese food”. HA!

Next visitor was my Uncle Brian. He was over in Ulm, Germany training for work for a few weeks so made it down for a Saturday. We unfortunately weren’t able to make it into a tent because it was so busy, but we found a spot outside and did some great people watching. Best part of the day was people incesently trying to get into the tent and the security quard screaming and slamming doors on people. It was priceless.

On the last weekend, I had 6 visitors – 4 of my good friends from Seattle and two of their friends. As they always say, save the best for last, we had an amazing few days at the fest and then weekend trip to Salzburg, Austria (check next post for more on this!). A few highlights:

  • Getting to the fest after work on Thursday, with group being there since 12, and half the crew was missing.
  • Sharat and I getting into tent, after trying for a good 5 minutes, by telling them we had reservation with MSFT.
  • Mehmet getting hit on by a 45 year old Australian man who lived in Dubai.
  • Nirav getting locked into (not out of) my bathroom for 15 minutes. Gotta love those Michigan grads!
  • Sprinting to catch our train to Salzburg and catching it with 30 seconds to spare.

Glad these guys made the trip over the pond.

Amazing two weeks for my first Oktoberfest, and I am certain it will not be my last.


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