My last trip of August before settling down in Munich for a while brought me to Barcalona. I had high hopes coming in as a few friends told me this was the best city they had been to…and it did not disappoint. On the northeast coast of Spain sitting on the Mediterranean, Barcalona boasts beautiful beaches – clothing optional 🙂 – beautiful people, and and great night life. What better place to round out my trips? I met up with my buddy Seth who is living in London and a couple of his friends traveling through Europe.

Our hostel was located in a city square called Plaza Real which was absolutely perfect location. This was an interesting place at night when the bars closed and the peddlers came out, but it was definitely best hostel I stayed at on my trip. If you travel to Barcelona, check it out.

First night out, we checked out a place called Chipotos, which is Spanish for shots. They have over 200 shots in the bar and most of them are pretty wild. I almost got duped into taking the Monica Lewinsky shot, but I’m glad I didn’t. I will let you find out for yourself what the shot is if you ever visit, but it is quite a site let me tell you! Just use your imagination…
After a night out Friday, we decided to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather at the beach on Saturday. This was hands down the best beach I’ve ever been too for a couple reasons:
  • For how big a city it is, it’s not overtaken by hotels, buildings, and other things that come with tourists.
  • It stretches on and on and on. For anyone that likes taking walks on the beach, this is phenomenal for it.
  • Barcelona has some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen….
  • ….and they don’t like wearing tops 🙂
  • The water is pristine, and although very salty, extremely refreshing.
If you have ever been to Europe, then you know that many of the cities were not built to have so many people or handle large vehicles. Because of that, bikes and scooters dominate the roads. Seeing people fly around on scooters all day Saturday, I made up my mind that I had to rent one and try it out. Combined with the fact that we were out late Saturday and walking around the city didnt seem so appealing, scooter was the best option to see Barcelona’s best attractions.
Our first stop was to La Sagrada Familia which is a gothic style church built by Antoni Gaudi. This architect’s work is all over the city and he is truly remarkable. He spent 10 years building this church but wasnt able to complete it because he got hit by a bus…rough way to go out. Anyone see last week’s How I Met Your Mother? Then you know exactly what I’m talking about.
The inside is filled with stain glassed windows which is breathtaking when you see it in person, the picture doesn’t do it justice.
They have four towers that flank the building and you can take an elevator up to the top to get a good view out over the city.

Next stop was to the Olympic Park, which housed the 1992 Olympics. On the way we crossed by this government building.
The main Olympic area was built up in on the hillside and the city did a fantastic job with the landscape. The stadiums make you feel like you are part of Roman Empire and really part of something special, Olympics must have been amazing here.
This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip, as we got up there right when the sun was passing over the torch.
I said the one of the torch was one of my favorites but this has to be my favorite. I look like I’m straight out of dumb and dumber on the scooter and it captures the background of the entire city. Big fan.
Sunday night we went out for some Tappas. Not sure why other cultures don’t eat this food more often – gives you great variety, light for dinner, and you can come up with some pretty cool dishes that pack a punch, like this pork sausage wrapped in bacon with jalapeño on top.

And just look at that dessert. No words necessary to describe that….

We finised off the trip by going to the brand new W hotel on the water. From the walk up it looks very similar to the Burj Dubai, or a giant sail. They have a bar on the top floor, which Seth somehow smooth talked our way up to and gave an amazing view of the beach. It was an awesome place to end trip.

Next up: Oktoberfest!!!!!

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