Adam sees A-Dam

My second trip while living in Munich brought me to Amsterdam…which was quite an experience. Most people familiarize Amsterdam for its legalization of marijuana and prostitution, but I think that this reputation actually brings down how great a city Amsterdam really is. It’s a coastal city that was built with canals which give it a very unique feel then most cities. Because of tight roads and a lot of people, most people transport by bike, scooter, or boat. Looking at the city of a map gives the closest feel for the canals connect the city.
During the weekend I was there, Amsterdam was hosting a big event known as Sail Amsterdam which brings in loads of people from across Europe with their sail boats. Amsterdam was one of the biggest trading hubs worldwide in the 17th century so it was a big stopping point for sailors. So many people get into the spirit of the event and dress in their sailing outfits. Below is a group of them singing