Praha – The Golden City

What a beautiful city. Even on a cloudy and rainy day, this city seems to mesmerize you with it’s ancient castles and winding roads.

When departing from my hostel, I happened to be taking the same tram as receptionist at my hostel, a Russian girl named Katy. We shared a 25 minute ride and she suggested I go see Prague castle and lead me to the best places. Not only was it a more delightful ride than by myself, but it turned out to be a great suggestion.

Exploring the castle area is not and easy task with it’s winding and undulating roads, buts it definitely worth the effort.

This was a very picturesque beer garden at the top of the hil just behind the castle. It overlooks the grounds below and gives a great view of the city.

Very cool looking Absinth shop on the winding road up to the castle. Reminded me of the movie EuroTrip for some reason, so I needed to capture the moment.

There was a large brick staircase leading up to the castle, and one section had some these cutouts up the side of the wall. Not sure what they were intended, but they made for a great picture.

Can you spot the small piece of America in the middle of Prague?

King of the castle, King of the Castle!! (Borat anyone?)

View of the city from up above.

I ended my tour with a stop at a cool bar (piano Tera) on the side of the hill overlooking the city and of course enjoying an ice cold beer. The Czechs are the largest beer drinking country in the world after all.

One of the coolest street paintings I’ve ever seen. This was a mural painted on outside of restaurant on way back to hostel. Couldn’t decipher the translation 😦 Anyone out there speak Czech?

View of the castle from Charles Bridge. Can you imagine what this looks like on sunny day?

A little Bing can help with your imagination!

When it rains in Prague, it doenst stop. I woke up Saturday to rain (a little late thanks to a bit too much partying on Friday) and it didnt stop all day. Luckily, I met a some guys from London the night before and they happened to be staying right next to me at the hostel. So, with the rain holding us back a bit, we embarked on a trip to get a traditional Czech lunch.

I ordered up some beef goulash which came it a bread bowl. It was AMAZING…actually it was so good I ordered two.We were digging the traditional Czech food so went to another spot for dinner. We stumbled into a very old restaurant that was run by an old man and his wife…and we were the only one’s there eating. Turned out to be a great meal and a cheap one at that:
5 shots (not all for me), 2 beers, and dinner entre: $15 euro.
Now that’s a meal!

Owner/chef/waiter of the restaurant

Overall, a really fun, beautiful, and historic city. I had a blast for on my first adventure outside of Munich and definitely hope to make it back to Prague someday. Praha, until next time…

One thought on “Praha – The Golden City

  1. Hey cool pics. I always heard the Prague castle was awesome and ur pics make it look redic. I also really like the pics from the little restaurant. Keep takin those. – Mike W

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