Mike’s Bike Tours

My first Saturday in Munich turned out to be a gorgeous day and I was going to make sure and capitalize. Just around the corner from my apartment is neat little shop called Mike’s Bike Tours. This is a great way to get out and get some exercise, get a chance to see the city, and also meet some cool people.

The tour starts in Marienplatz and heads towards the Residenz, which in an old castle for the kings of Bavaria. The above picture is my group huddled around statue in the center, which of course they turned into a beer garden.


Next stop was Odeons Platz which is a square built by King Ludwig to act as gateway to the city. This was prominent site during WWII and Hitler gave a few large speeches here during WWII.

Theatinerkirche Church in Odeons Platz

Front of Feldherrnhalle which is field Marshall’s hall. Protected in front by two bayern lions. I was hoping that getting picture with one might rub off some luck to my hometown Lions!

Next destination was the Saatzkanlei which is a German government building. Outside of building is made mostly from glass as this was built when Germany began to get more powers back post WWII and they wanted to give German people message of a transparent government.

The last stop on the tour was going through the Englischer Garten. This is a massive garden on the east of the city and is 20% larger than Central Park in NY! The Isar river flows through so on a nice day you will see people laying out by the river (and even includes a nudist section). In the middle of the garden is Chinesischer Turm beer garden. We stopped here to enjoy lunch and some beer.
Chinese Pagoda in beer garden.

British mate I saw in line at beer garden dressed at baby. I asked him why he was wearing this and his response was priceless: “Because it’s Saturday and it’s really nice out. Why not wear it?” I needed to get a picture.
Last stop in the gardens brought us to a very interesting activity that happens in the Isar river. I’ll leave you with some action footage below. Hope you enjoy!

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