Deutsches Museum & Hofbräuhaus

I awoke on Thursday morning to rain and cloudy skies, so I figured I would check out one of the great museums Munich has to offer. I picked up a Top 10 Munich guide from EyeWitness Travel before the trip (thanks Mom 🙂 and the Deutsches Museum was #1 on the list. Only one place to start!

Of all the museums I’ve been to, the Deutsches Museum has the widest array of collections I have ever seen. The six floor building features exhibits ranging from Power Mechanics to Pharmaceuticals to Aviation and Space Travel (my personal favorite of the museum).

Entrance to the museum.

The aviation collection took up part of three levels and had wide open space with hanging planes. Discussed how planes have evolved and featured some jets from WWII (Dad, you would really get a kick out of this exhibit).
A planetarium sits on the top of the building, which was unfortunately closed for the summer. However, I was able to take some good aerial shots of the city while up there (See Above).

Overall, this is a great way to spend a rainy day, especially if you are a history nerd like me. I highly recommend visiting the Deutsches if have a decent stay in Munich.

Being in a non-English speaking country and not knowing the language can make it a little difficult to meet people. Any way to meet other ex-Pats or folks from other English speaking parts of the world can definitely make the move easier. Luckily, I discovered a website in Germany called ToyTown which is built exactly for the purpose of bringing English speakers living in Germany together. They host a get together for younger crowd on Thursday nights and happened to be around the corner from my place. We met at a bar called Clubhouse and turned out that group of backpackers were meeting there for a pub crawl later that evening. Thursday night, no work the next day, new city…I was all over that.
We started out at the famous Munich Hofbrauhaus. You’ve never seen a beer hall until you’ve been to the Hofbrauhaus. The main floor is about as big as small shopping supermarket, and it has two more floors on top of that with outdoor patios and beer garden in the middle. The inside reminds me of a large fraternity kitchen with sprawling tables and beer mugs galore, and plenty of German drinking games and chants to go along with it!

Ein Prost! Some backpackers and I enjoying some liters.

Pub crawl guide Padraig.

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