First Day in Munich

After spending twelve hours in planes, I arrived in Munich on Tuesday afternoon. However, after long week in Atlanta (thanks Microsoft), busy weekend packing, and it being midnight Seattle time, I was worn out…and slept most of Tuesday. So my first real day was Wednesday.

Munich is everything I expected it to be and more. It looks just like the all Bavarian villages you see in pictures and you can tell how much history the city has to offer.
Munich’s Opera House

I started out the day with a tour guide named Elisabeth who took me around Marienplatz, which is where I am staying…for the time being (long story will explain later). Marienplatz and the surrounding area is known as City Center, which is very congested with tourists during the summer because of its many great attractions.

This is the New City Hall which contains famous Glockenspeil, inspired by fighting that took place in this square during the Middle Ages.

Trekking through the city all day got me hungry and thirtsy, and I knew just the place to go thanks to my buddy Mickey.


Slice of pork with an ice cold Augustiner beer…I could eat this everyday for lunch. I will definitely be coming back to the Viktualienmarkt.

All in all, a good start to my stay in Germany.


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